The truth about 5 Inch Penis!

Men these days are in agonizing pain due to the small size of their penis.

Everybody has got their own opinion about penis size, some women prefer a bigger size penis while majority prefers thicker with normal length.

large size penis

The average penis size around different areas of the world is 5-6 inches when erect.

The size of your penis varies greatly depending on which region you are from.

For example, in Asian countries, men have a slightly smaller penis than those who live in western countries.

The debate of their physiology and other factors can lead us to many scientific facts which we don’t want to talk about yet.

What defines the average penis size? Many sex experts believed that “it’s not about the size, but how you use it”.

An average penis of 5 inches size is well enough to induce proper satisfaction in females.

There are different groups of people in terms of taking penis size seriously and there are also people with a mindset to whom this thing doesn’t even matter.

What to do when you have a 5-inch penis?

Many people I know believe in the fact that men with below average penis size should date women who can take their load sufficiently.

5 inch penis

Let me put it in a much simpler way, if you have a penis of 5 inches or below it then you should start dating slender and petite chicks.

Another thing, it is never about the penis size, but how you stimulate women in your own particular way.

Some men are unable to satisfy women in spite of having a large cock but they lack the most basic thing which is Sexual Intimacy.

A woman can be seduced by many ways, oral, clitoral, anal stimulations are some of the basic aspects. If you have a smaller dick, but you have a zeal for confidence level, I bet you will find a way to pop her cherry.

Sex Education is something majority of men needs these days, which tells us about the basic facts which we do now know of in sex.

Now, after getting engaged with your partner and once you have achieved her trust, it is time for you to do some slight modifications in your penis size.

I am not telling you to enlarge it at any cost, but doing some kegel exercise won’t harm you anyway.

How to enlarge penis size without Supplements!

Science has reached quite far these days and we have plenty of options to enlarge our penis size.

enlarge penis size

But let’s not talk about supplementation and penis enlargement pills which shows very little positive results.

No, we are not going to talk about any diet modification either, but just the natural ways which mainly includes exercise technique.

Some of the unique ways to enhance your dick few inches is to get your hands on Penis Pumps. They are a mechanical device which delivers you the effects you get from doing penis exercise such as jelqing.

Science backup this kind of techniques to enhance the penis since they do not offer a single side or harmful effect.

Well, even there are varieties in the penis pump category. Some are useful while some are scam products just to earn an illegal amount of money.

My purpose of writing this article is not only educating you about adopting ideal sexual behaviors but also to prescribe the right kind of penis pump to everyone who has a penis size below 5 inches.

You can try Penomet or Bathmate HydroMax which have a unique mode of action which reaches down to your penile tissues and enlarge them for permanent basis.

Jelqing technique can also serve as a very useful hand side by side.

Women don’t demand Large Penis

Like every man doesn’t desire for massive breast, huge ass or very tight vagina, the same case it with women.

women reaction on small size penis

They don’t want a bigger cock only in a male personality, but other traits as well.

The 5-inch penis can satisfy a woman same as 8-inch penis, all you need is a right position and push.

Men who think they have a smaller size penis gets depressed on a daily basis, which also affects their overall life goals.

Learning how to manage your size and proper use of it can be pretty much helpful in keeping your life stable and happy.

Sex with an average size penis (5 inches) sometimes can be problematic, especially if you are with someone who prefers longer and thicker.

But here is the solution!

Learn EVERYTHING you could about your partner stimulation: anal, oral, clitoral, breast stimulation, sex positions, and even learn how to write seductively, how to communicate better, have better conversations, talking during sex, and learning to listen to her body.

My Experience with 5 Inch Penis!

I used to have 4.7-inch size penis and I swear I didn’t face any problems in having sex at all, neither did she.

5 inch penis

Just to enhance the presentation skills I used Penomet pump for some weeks and now its 5 inches.

Some users reported excessive penis enlargement with Bathmate Hydropump which utilized water pressure to enlarge your dick size.

Its okay if you are not interested in enlarging your penis, you can still bang her with intensity.

Just make sure you get inside every inch you have got till it reaches to the clitoris.

Another advice is to compensate your penis size is to finger your partner before sex that will and open up her muscles what’d make it easier for you to insert without hesitation.


Never be ashamed of your penis size, females like confident men more than men with a large penis.

DO NOT use medical supplements to enlarge your penis size.

Yes, Penis pump like Penomet or Bathmate can help you gain size all by natural means so I must suggest them.

Learn about your partner before taking her to bed, her likes and dislikes, what makes her stimulated and what not!

These things will help you perform better in sex and let her forget about your size.

How to use a Penis Pump?

Men are suffering from erectile dysfunction before their age in many regions of the world.

In order to treat this issues, penis pumps have been designed to help them treat erectile dysfunction and to manage their size.

Penomet penis PumpsPenis pumps are free from injections and pills which is why they are considered as the safest form of treatment.

Before buying any penis pump you should first know about how many types of penis pumps are available in the market and most importantly how to use them.

There are three types of penis pumps available

  1. Manual pump
  2. Electrical pump
  3. Hydro Pump

Every penis pump works in the same way, but their intensity varies from one another.

Hydro Pump is the efficient and safe penis pump available these days since they solely work with water and the user may not have to worry about the batteries associated with the electrical pump.

order penomet online

How to use the penis pump?

In order to master the skill of using penis pumps, first, you need to know how these pumps work.

This penis enlargement device works by creating a vacuum inside the glass cylinder tube which is covered around the penis.

In order to use penis pump with safety and to avoid any sort of penile injuries, you must follow these steps with caution.

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

Best Penis Pump in the market

Before buying the penis pump, make sure it has a pressure gauge which allows you to control the amount of pressure inside the tube accordingly.

how Penomet worksLook for the material, some penis pumps are made of raw plastics which can only be used twice or thrice after which their texture begins to dry up and no flexible.

The tube of penis pump should fit your penis

Buy any pump which fits your needs, some pumps can be used in the shower (hydro pump) which makes it further easier for you.

The hydro pumps are more liked and purchased since they involve having water in the cylinder while you are increasing pressure.

While there are so many penis enlargement pumps available in the market that user might get confused which one to buy.

In order to ease your decision, we would recommend the Penomet penis pump which is having the highest ranking and satisfied customers around the country.

What makes Penomet penis enlargement pump so unique, well let’s find out.

What is Penomet

Penomet is the penis pump which has provided multiple benefits to its user. After launching of Penomet penis pump you can imagine that the sales of another penis pump just stopped.

It is a hydro pump that offers with various interchangeable gaiter system which allows its user to increase pressure to enlarge your penis in the most comfortable way.

The Penomet penis pump was undergone for two years of real-life testing. The interchangeable gaiter system makes this pump more elusive and user-friendly.

Other penis pimps, when used for 15 minutes, took about 5-7 rounds for an effective display.

While with the Penomet pump user will notice the difference in his penis structure within 15 minutes of the first application.

Benefits of using Penis Pump

  • Strong and long lasting erections
  • Increase time of sexual intercourse
  • Reduce the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease
  • Reduce the chances of premature ejaculation
  • Frequent use results in long and thick penis size
  • Eliminate the toxins from the penile area

Penomet penis pump allows you to increase the size of your penis up to 3 inches in length and 30% increase in girth which is never offered by any other penis pump before.

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Final Summary

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are more prone to suffer from depression in later years of their lives.

Getting ashamed in front of your partner with no erection is undoubtedly an awkward situation.

These penis pumps you see these days are far way better choice than the penis enlargement pills which says welcome to unwanted side effects in many ways.

Penomet awards

Penis pump uses a specific type of mechanical force to enlarge your penis muscles so it is a side effect free choice.

Because it is an Award Winning Product

When you pump inside the tube it tends to decrease the air pressure and thus your penis muscles start swelling.

When these muscles swelled it will allow the penile tissues to get enlarged and also result in new cell generation.

When this pressure is applied to a particular set of times every day, the growth achievement can be everlasting.

Penomet has won various awards over the years and in 2013.

The Best New Male Enhancement Device 2013 and the high-status Venus Awards for the Best New Product 2013.

order penomet online

The manufacturers are indeed proud of their product!

Using Penis pump is not so much difficult, the user must have a little bit of understanding about the application of pressure and that will do it.

Do not apply intense or overpressure to your penis muscle as chances of penile muscle injury will increase, which is not good for your sexual health.

How to make your Penis bigger?

We know that you are here because you want to have a better sex.

Gaining some extra inches to your penis size is all because you want to satisfy your partner because somehow she is not happy with your size.

how to make your penis bigger

Our sex lives should be active on a daily basis, which is why most American men who are having fun in their sexual intercourse are much happier than others.

Your sexual indulgence is also directly related to the confidence level you get afterward and that comes from an enormous and a bigger penis.

Some of us are trapped in a delusion that making a penis bigger to 12 inches is an overnight game.

The magic penis enlargement pills are everywhere spreading the same sort of misconception amongst men, which is why a lot of them have wasted their money and purchased a part of the scam they never saw working.

Except for the medications, there are some other ways, some exercise techniques which can help you make your penis bigger in a particular set of time.

Secret to make your penis bigger

Here we are not going to talk about all the nasty surgical procedures and male enhancement pills because they are unsafe for sure.

Using excessive male enhancement pills can cause erectile dysfunction in some men, which turns a havoc in later life.

There is very unique and easy way to get your dick bigger which comprises of some exercise which forces more blood into your penis.

Our body strives for pushing blood into penile area 24/7 but sometimes it is not achieved naturally so we have to do it the manual way which is easy as it sounds like.

Some quick fixes to make your penis bigger

There is some little piece of efforts, you can do to facilitate the natural process of penis growth. Or we should say some things to avoid while you are in it.

1. Trimming the extraneous hair

Your pubic hair can cover your size, so trimming them before having sex would be a wise choice. Plus it also makes an oral sex more pleasant.

2. Lose weight

People who have extra fat deposited in their thighs or pelvic area are more likely to have smaller penises because the fat covers up all the size.

The shaft of a penis is completely disappeared in their case.

3. Confidence is the key

If you are ashamed of your size and not fully prepared before sex, ultimately you will have no fun.

It’s all mental, those guys who think they have a normal size despite having a smaller one can end up with pleasure.

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Erection Boosting Activity

There are some specific sort of behavior you need to avoid if you want to boost your sexual stamina and erection.

Habits like smoking, porn, stressing should be out from the scene, pronto!

1. Exercising

Exercise brings sundry benefits to your health since it utilizes every muscle of your body, and it also gives you fullest erection.

Cardio exercises are really beneficial in this case, causing the maximum amount of blood rushing to the penis.

In this way, you will be able to stay longer in bed and boost your sexual stamina remarkably.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking causes hindrance in the blood circulation which is an integral part of getting an erection.

Nicotine is quite an addictive substance, but you need to stop using it if you want a better sex life.

3. Stress makes your penis smaller

Your brain is responsible for the blood rush in the penile area, and a stressed brain cannot do it very well.

Meditation is the best cure for this or tries some CNS stimulants.

Penis Pump

Way better than the male enhancement pills through the penis pumps are the result of the latest technology which has made it easier for men to perform a different sort of exercise.

penomet penis pumpThere are numerous penis pumps available in the market but make sure you buy the right one.

In our view, Penomet would be the best choice which basically works on the expansion principle.

How do they work?

Well, it’s a simple method, every penis pump has a cylinder where your penis shaft goes and you generate a vacuum within that cylinder.

The vacuum causes the penis cells and tissues to expand and therefore in a very short time, this aggregation of bigger tissues will cause elongation of your penis.

The penis pump does not offer any harmful effects since it works on a perfect principle of expansion, not only to push the blood, but it also expands the tunica tissues of your penis which further results in new cell’s growth.

Use it with a cock ring if you are suffering from an erectile dysfunction.

Penomet penis pump can be available through their official web store which is very much easier to buy.

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Eating Healthy food makes your Penis bigger

Our medicine should be our food and our food should be our medicine. This is quite a creative and indeed the useful norm to follow.

Some essential food which will give your size a little boost is:

1. Bananas

The nutrients in bananas support cardiovascular health, giving you more proficient blood flow to your manhood when it’s time to satisfy your partner.

2. Pomegranates

This fruit is a rock solid food if you want solid erections.

Not only do pomegranates support healthy blood flow by aiding in the production of nitric oxide, but they also boost testosterone levels in the body.

As we all know, testosterone is the primary factor in creating men’s features and libido.

3. Dark Chocolate

This food aids in blood vessel dilation. A recent study has suggested that eating 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate a day resulted in a 10% increase in blood vessel dilation.

Final Verdict

As you can see, making your penis bigger is not so much hard as it sounds like.

A decade ago, there were some flaws in some medications which is why so many men were suffering from harmful conditions due to the overdose of pills.

With new scientific innovations now you don’t have to solely rely on the medications, penis pumps are the next big thing.

As far as other factor concerns, eat healthy food, take proper sleep, no stress and Voila! You are good to go!

Bigger penis satisfies your partner more than you can imagine. Do not miss the chance while you still can.

Bathmate Vs Penomet

Whenever you come across a review that is based on the comparison between Bathmate and Penomet, you will notice that both the products are equally praised.

Or let’s say, they encourage you to buy the both, indirectly. Of course, that’s completely impossible, as getting two hydro-pumps just not makes sense!

After all, it might cost you up to $600, so this option is a complete no-no.

But what if we provide you a review that has some genuine details about Bathmate and penomet, a precise conclusion that will help you select only ONE hydro pump – the best one?



It is a popular hydro penis enlargement pump that is an ideal choice for penis elongation. The device comes in different series and customers have to pick the one that best suits their needs.

Unleash The Power – ORDER NOW

Bathmate series – from beginners to powerful ones

  • Hercules (for 6” penis and less)
  • Goliath (for more than 6” penis)

Powerful ones

  • X20 (for 4” penis and less)
  • X30 (for 6” penis or less)
  • X40 (for 6” penis or more)
  • X50 (for 9” penis or more)

How does this work?

The advanced penis enlargement tool creates vacuum while the user inserts his penis inside the water-filled cylinder and pumps. The vacuum enables the penis to stretch, causing an increase supply of blood to the genital area. Healthy deliverance of blood results in a bigger penis, and that too, in minutes.

While the blood supply works in favor of penile elongation, it equally favors quality erections. This is exactly why Bathmate is as effective for temporary impotence, commonly known as erectile dysfunction.

Benefits coming your way:


Increases your length by up to 9” Increases the circumference to a much noticeable level.
Works well to fix curvature. Engorges the penile’s top.
Highly advisable for intense orgasms, lasting stamina and energy in bed. Extremely beneficial for erectile dysfunction.

Click Here To Read More About Bathmate


Introduction –

It is a tried and tested penis enlargement device – a pump that has evolved with time to best match the needs of its users.

Interestingly, its advanced, hydraulic technology has made Penomet one of the most sought after products and has left its competitors completely sidelined.

The traditional air pumps normally lead to unsatisfactory and disappointing results. They compress and pump up air disproportionately. This causes uneven growth and poor performance in bed.

The mechanism of penomet is quite the opposite. It technically deals with the problem using water-preferably warm.

Pumping generates the needed level of force within the cylindrical boundaries, enabling quick, balanced and satisfactory growth for the users.

Pumping blood to the genital regions benefits you in many other ways, apart from the gains.

For example, you can experience solid and lasting erections with never dipping stamina in bed.

It’s cutting edge design ensures utmost efficiency and comfort.

 Benefits coming your way:

Guaranteed length gains. Better girth/ visible increase in circumference.
Helps to straighten the curve. Intense orgasms.
An advisable solution for erectile dysfunction. More sexual power and endurance.


Click Here To Read More About Penomet


Time to review and make a decision:

Price range: The maximum cost of Bathmate hydro pump is $200, whereas Penomet will cost you around $300 max. Apparently, latter seems to be a more pricey option. However, there are many other considerations that need to be taken while making a purchase.

Release dates: Both the products were released in more or less, the same time – Bathmate in 2010 and Penomet in 2009. On the basis of this, we can say that Bathmate and Penomet have almost equal market experience.

Features: To your content, both the devices use medically certified materials and hence, are of equal quality. However, the quality of Penomet gaiter is slightly better than the other. Some different features of these products include, penomet comes with different gaiters for you to decide the level of pressure you need, while the other provides no such choice with its fitted gaiter. In this regard, Penomet takes the lead.

Pressure: Bathmate consists of weaker gaiters and same goes for the gaiters in Penomet premium. Well, this might not be a problem if you have just started with pumping system, though, it may not be a great aid as you reach an advanced level. For intense pumping, better consider the second option, Penomet.

Comfort: The major difference between the two pumps is that the gaiter of Penomet is made from solid silicone whereas the gaiter of Bathmate is made of soft rubber. Rubber is a resilient component against silicone and hence exerts greater pressure on penis. But despite this, you will find Penomet gaiter more efficient. It provides maximum comfort and performs better with no water leakage at all.

The final verdict

Well, at this point it is really difficult to select the best amongst the two, as both the products sound very accommodating and rewarding. But, as we have committed earlier, we will put forward our final opinion – the better of the two.

The best one is Penomet. Even though, it is a bit expensive, but considering the features, comfort and quality it provides, you will agree to the fact that it is fairly priced!

You have the option to choose the gaiter that is more fulfilling to you and hence, have better chances to generate impressive and permanent gains!

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Buy Penomet At Walmart Today!

Men with enlarged penis tend to have better sexual performance in bed. This is an important trick for a male who wants to satisfy their partner to the core.

Smaller penis size can be bothersome at times, especially when your partner wants to elongate the duration of sex.

Usually with a small sized penis, one cannot achieve the desired performance level as per required. This is why men with a larger penis size are much satisfying in pleasing their partners.

A wide range of penis enlargement products is available in the health market most of which are available in oral, cream or gel form.

The effects of penis enlargement pills and other herbal supplements varies from person to person, but undoubtedly their side effects are too much.

By gazing over the certain drawbacks of different penis enlargement treatments, a group of scientist has made something which is capable of enlarging the penis size without interfering with the body systems.

We are talking about a mechanical penis enlargement device called Penomet. They are also called as a penis pump.

What is Penomet?

Penomet is one of its kind, it is the latest technology in the penis enlargement category.

Penomet is a form of a mechanical pump which fulfills the exact demands of men.

It increases the size of your penis more effectively than other herbal treatments.

The actual purpose of Penomet pump is to enhance the size and girth of your penis, also gives your penile muscle tendency to have a frequent and strong erection.

Penomet is a water based pump and is very much user-friendly, meaning it is very much easy to use and also guarantees the safety and reliability.

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How does it work?

The penomet pump can help you enhance the length and girth of your penis at the same time.

The effects of Penomet pump last for a day, so it is important to apply this pump 15 minutes before the time of sexual intercourse.

Once you will apply Penomet you will be all set to have the most joyous sex of your life.

By Penomet application, your blood vessels will be wide open for the blood flow as a result of which the entire region of your penis will get a sufficient blood supply.

Not to mention that higher the blood flow, better will be the erection. Penomet pump is reliable for both short and long time use.

The product mainly consists of 2 interchangeable gaiters, each of them has a penis enlargement pump.

The pump uses water as a source instead of an air which eliminates the risk of artery damage around the penile area. Once you will fix the pump it will work by itself until you stop it.

Penomet pump will help you see the progress of your penis size.

Apart from this Penomet also offers some other benefits such as harder and stronger erection, accurate control on your ejaculation and last but not least it makes you able to bring intense orgasm.

Your sexual stamina will be drastically improved in a safe and a natural way. You do not have to apply any sort of creams, lotions or take any pills.

How to use Penomet?

Firstly you have to select the interchangeable pressure gaiter, for the starter gaiter with the lowest pressure is preferred.

After selecting the gaiter you need to attach it to the main cylinder, then put the cylinder over your penis.

Start pumping slowly unless there is a vacuum created. After a vacuum is generated start pumping slowly every few minutes and keep doing it for 15-20 minutes.

After getting enough of pumping pressures, press the release button located at the end of the pump.

With every use of Penomet your tendency to hold onto different pressures will be generated after which you can apply the gaiter with maximum pressure.

Regular use of Penomet can lead to permanent results which will be an enlarged size penis with much more girth.

Penomet available at Walmart?

Some people have raised questions like from where they can purchase Penomet pump.

Or some asked if they can get Penomet from stores like GNC or Walmart?

There could be many online sources to purchase Penomet Pump but it is preferable to buy from the real manufacturers through their official source.

Where can you Buy Penomet?

None of the web source selling Penomet has a money back guarantee.

But in case if you buy it from their official website you will get 60 days of money back guarantee.

Also, the Penomet Pump is available there at a discounted rate which also saves some more of your cash.  Another reason to rely on the official source is to keep the quality in mind.

Penomet official dealers will make sure that you are getting the original and genuine product, and they can deliver to any region of the world.

Final Verdict

Penomet penis pump is far way better than the other penis extenders which are in many cases found quite painful.

Penomet reviews on different web pages point one thing only that it is the only risk-free treatment for penis enlargement.

With only one month of regular use, you will see a remarkable change in your penis size. Not only will this but you also find your stamina drastically increased.

There is no way your partner will be disappointed with your size or performance. Bigger penis size means you will last in bed for longer and it stops the premature ejaculation.

With the help of Penomet, thousands of people have successfully regained their manhood in an efficient way. 

Finally, this water based penis pump can only be purchased from its official manufacturer. Trusting another source can only lead to wasting your money and your precious time. Buy Penomet to bring a masculine change in yours!

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Penomet Pump Results

People with small size penis started to get anxious at a certain age. Having a small penis is not a serious disorder, but it can affect your personal life to a great extent.

Buy Penomet pumpI have been experiencing problems in sexual life which was not so good. Every time I tried to insert the size always somehow couldn’t get enough.

It is an open truth that the more penetration there is the more sex will be intense.

I was shy to show my penis at some points because my body is quite healthy, but having a small dick almost ruined my confidence level.

Not only me, but there are men like me with small penis size and are stressed about their sexual lives.

Penis enlargement pill’s effect varies from person to person which is why I couldn’t get any satisfactory effect out of it.

I almost tried every category of treatment for this, but the results were useless. My Penis size was 3.5 inches when hard and it couldn’t go any further.

Every partner I slept with had this complain about deep penetration which I lack a great time. It’s a little nasty world and you got to grow size in order to get laid.

My experience with Penomet at last had brought me to a state where I can consider myself gain my manhood power all over again.

Before I heard about oil massage, pills and supplements for penis growth, but I never thought of using the penis enlargement pump.

What is Penomet?

It is a penis enlargement pump that most of people are demanding now a days. The results speak to itself, which is why I preferred it over other pills and supplements.

penomet pump

Amongst penis pump there is a wide range of selections available but Penomet has its name renown all around the world..

If you visit their official website you will find thousands of people leaving their positive remarks after using this product.

The pump works by slowly increasing the pressure to your penis muscles and eventually making it elongate, long and stretched as a result of which the size of entire organ increases.

Not only the length, but the girth size is also increased to a remarkable level.

No penis pump has ever this sort of rapid action after using it. In 15 minutes you will feel the result by having the sensation of muscle enlargement.

It has tendency to enlarge your organ up to 3 inches and girth enhancement about 30%.

The Real Question – Does Penomet Actually Work?

Can penomet be the right choice to enlarge your penis or is it safe? These 2 are the main questions that define the integrity of this product.

how Penomet worksIt is without doubt a proof that Penomet works big time like it worked on me. The size of your penis increases right after you pump.

The main thing is to adopt an exercise routine that lets the muscle in the penis to be in movement continuously.

I think the reason why I had such a small penis because of lack of exercises, exercises like to gently massage my cock in a certain way.

With the help of Penomet the exercising tips come along and they combinely works a great time.

If you are worrying about being solely dependent on Penomet pump, then I have a good news for you.

Penomet pump also comes with a bunch of exercise you need to perform after each time of applying the pump. The pump works by applying it 15-20 minutes a day and 5 times a week.

Trust me, your sexual life will be highly effected as you will see. There will be some noise generating because you don’t have idea how hard and rigid my cock got after using Penomet pump.

Last night a girl whom I dated months back has also found my cock’s size enhanced and it was a big achievement for me.


Order Penomet penis pump


What Happened when I tried Penomet Pump?

After pumping for some days you will observe a noticeable change in your penis size.

Pumps are easier way to enlarge your penis because they use the natural and easiest trick to elongate your muscles.

There are extenders which have dangerous procedure and the pressure they usually exerts is quite painful.

After I used it for 2 weeks continuously I have gained about 1 inch of penis size and the girth was enhanced too.

Not only the size, but the level of confidence it brings with it is remarkable.

Since the sex game is all about you to be confident and not shy, Penomet pump does this by extending your penis into something that causes deep penetration.

How does Penomet Pump works?

Penomet pump comes along with different gaitor, each gaitor have different amount of pressure. At the start you need to be with the lowest pressure.


How to Use Penomet

After which, you attach that gaitor with the main cylinder, put that cylinder on your penis and calmly pump until you feel there is a vacuum being generated, this is the time when you starts to pump.

With every minute you need to re-pump slowly for about 15-20 minutes. Slowly release the pump after this duration so you will feel comfortable.

In the case if you are okay with the pressure you can try the higher pressure gaitor which is one level up scenario.

Penomet works every time on different individuals, especially when they have tried every kind of pressure gaitor .

In the case if it doesn’t works for you the pump can be returned back within 60 days with a full money back guarantee.

Seriously, but you need to buy it from their official webpage only if you want to be paid back.

Penomet uses Water instead of Air

It is a new and quite catchy feature of Penomet pump that it uses water instead of air to creat vacuum. The pressure which water exerts is more even and regular than the air’s pressure.

By using water as a source Penomet pump provide your penis muscle a uniform amount of pressure to every area.

Which is why Penomet pump is safe, effective and also comfortable. Plus it works faster than any other Penis enlarging pump in the market.

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Should you buy Penomet ?

According to the news, there is an adult award held every year.

In 2013 when this award ceremony was held in Germany, Penomet won as a product of the year award, and it also won numerous awards if you search about it in a detail.

Penomet camparisonThe CE marking on it makes it more reliable product because it is a sign good manufacturing practices while manufacturing this product according to the European Union.

It also fulfills the highest standards for its design and the mechanism of action it performs later.

You do not need to waste your time and money on something that might damage the cell growth in your penis.

Penomet pump was tested almost for 2 years before it came on the market as pre-clinical trials. It is without any doubt the safest and the effective treatment, so I must say at least try it for once.

I am one of the user who found out Penomet as a very safe vacuum pump in order to enlarge the size and girth of a penis.

The results were really astonishing in my case which is why I will suggest this product to everyone having a small penis size.

Pros of Penomet

• Errection will be enhanced to a great level
• Erection will be sustained for a long time (than before)
• About 1-3 inch longer penis in the case of using Penomet for 3-4 months
• 0.5 to 1 inch enhancement in penis girth
• Can use it in your bathroom since it uses water not air.


As far as my experience from Penomet Concerns I never got any negative effects from it except one.

In the case if you apply this pump in a wrong manner like fitting gaitor with cylinder improperly the amount of pressure you will apply will not effect, since if you do not fit it perfectly the pressure will be wasted.

Is this treatment safe?

Ofcourse it is, you are not using any penis enlarement pills that has chemicals in it to harm your body.

Penomet pump is a naturally enlargement tool that can make your penis grow in no time without any internal side effect.

The device is completely safe and the directions are precise and easy to understand.


Penomet Awards

Final thoughts!

As a man, sexual life has always been important for me.

Even it somehow affects everyone’s routine of life. It is statistical report that most of the people around the world are successful because of their healthy sexual lives.

If you want to achieve a better sexual life then you got to work on your size because without it, you can never achieve the proper sexual goal.

Bring some entertainment in your life I must say because Penomet will certainly help you.

Over all, I am quite happy with the result of 4 months and I am also going to apply it some more months to enhance this beast to some more inches.

Plus the money back guarantee has some catch and their discounted rates are too amazing. Why not trying something which is offering you so many features?

Where do they post?

From their official website you can Penomet Pump and they assure the product delivery worldwide.

There are huge amount of money you can save if you buy it on a discounted rate available in their official web store. Select your city and country and verify if we deliver it to your location.

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2017’s Best Penis Enlargement Devices In Market

In a nerve-racking and stressful life today, having a healthy sexual relationship is no less like a blessing. Indeed, sex is more like a need and many of us use it as a stress management technique.

Perfection in sex comes from sexual prowess and for sexual prowess; you need to have confidence in yourself!

Of course, unless you do not feel confident about your looks, your body, or your feelings towards your partner, you can never feel or make someone completely satisfied in bed.

When it comes to physical appearance, you can do a lot more to make yourself look more alluring. Fortunately, the advancement in research has also enabled us to make the desired changes in our body with ease.

For example, women can now have perkier and fuller breasts, whereas men can easily benefit themselves from some very effective male enlargement techniques.

Indeed, our lives are far easier with comforts our ancestors can never even thought of in their times.

But despite this major technological revolution, things are not as easy as they apparently seem.

For example, men can consider surgeries for the increase in their penile length; likewise, women can choose botox breast lift as a procedure for beautiful breasts.

This coming under the knife idea sounds interesting; however it possesses loads and loads of risks for our body.

At times, these create complications which can impair the overall well being of the sufferer. But then you have safer options for the accommodation of your needs. Options that can give you results, though, not that fast, but with ease and safety.

When it comes to male enlargement, a better option against surgery is the usage of contraptions. For those who do not know what penis contraptions really are, these are the devices, the tools that work to gently stretch the penile to a period it starts increasing length.

The concept is similar to the concept of neck rings that are usually worn by kayan women. As per their beauty standards, long necks are considered attractive and so they use neck rings for the increase in their neck length.

Likewise, penis stretchers are the devices that are used to make the desired changes in the penile length, of course, to have a more fun-filled, pleasurable and satisfying sex.

The introduction of penis stretchers is another case of technological advancement; however, the need is to take the right decision for yourself to get the best out of it.

As per the findings, the percentage of men who feel completely satisfied about their size against men who aren’t really happy about their length is considerably lower.

Yes, the fact is that majority of the men do not really feel good enough about their size and thus lack confidence in bed. Of course, this, negatively impacts their sexual performance which is ultimately faced by both the parties.

Let’s face it, women prefer size too and consciously or unintentionally, desire a partner with a good penile length.

This is because a long penis is what gives them utmost pleasure and an experience worth remembering. But apart from length, something that also counts is the circumference or say, the width of penis.

So yes, it’s a long penis with a good width that can make a girl say wow in the bed for sure.

Fortunately, men with an average or poor length penile can now benefit from the two tried and tested penis stretchers.

These stretchers are no ordinary contraptions, but are brands with millions of happy customers! So, let’s not drag it and come to the point, the two very trusted penis extenders with unbeatable quality and effectiveness are:


Then we have another value packed penis stretcher for men with size dilemmas.

One of the highly rated and award winning product, penomet is the epitome of advance penis pumping system. What makes it a best buy is its mechanism to induce growth.

Basically, the device is water-based and thus, through a very calculated and unique tactic, penomet enables gain with the help of water!

Yes, through slow and steady pressure produced by water, the device provokes instant, yet lasting gains.

The more promising and convincing force about Penomet is its safety. Paired with several gaiters of different sizes, the device ensures supreme comfort followed by impressive gains.

And where other penis enlargement techniques take months to produce some noticeable gains, Penomet is considered as a quick fix for men who expect instant results.

Yes, speedy gains that were once possible through surgeries can now be achieved in 15 minutes of Penomet use, without any pain, uneasiness or whatsoever!


The penis enlargement tool has been designed considering each and every consumer’s needs. Through the usage, you can notice an increase of 3” in the length whereas an expansion of 30% in the circumference, right away.

Some very interesting facts about Penomet are listed below:

  • It is the first certified, scientifically proven penis enlargement pump, which is based on pumping water technology.
  • Penomet kit has two parts, while it comes with several interchangeable gaiters. Through the set of distinctive gaiters, users can bit by bit increase their water pressure and achieve the desired level of gains with ease.
  • The pressure produced by water generates vacuum, which is what provokes the gains comfortably.
  • A user friendly and easy to carry pump like penomet can be used in bathtub, shower or anywhere you feel convenient.
  • This Aqua-Pressure system can give you results in as less than 15 minutes with minimum efforts from your end. Besides, gains induced by this high-tech pump are also permanent.


With an incomparable quality, revolutionary design and brilliant features; get ready to gain the following advantages from Penomet:

  • A visible increase of up to 3 inches in the length.
  • 30% expansion in the width of penis.
  • Limitless stamina in bed.
  • Strengthening and straightening of penile (peyronie’s disease).
  • A better control on erections; that is the ejaculations.
  • A considerable reduction in the signs of impotence. Penomet further prevents erectile dysfunction (A kind of impotence).
  • Enhanced sexual performance with incredible confidence.

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For many, the name itself is enough to believe what sizegenetics really is! Indeed, it is one known brand that is believed to be the father of all penis extenders!

Yes, that’s true! In fact, the value it offers is worth justifying the statement all alone.

Sizegenetics is truly a commendable tool with a cutting-edge design paired with mind blowing features for the consumers.

The contraption is truly a worth with some very promising and lasting gains.

Indeed, it is the best of the best penile extender that guarantees to ‘tackle’ many other penis-related problems, apart from the length concerns.

A stretcher like SizeGenetics, is truly all that’s needed to overcome your fear and worries in bed!

Saying this would not be wrong that it is a confidence booster that has a direct impact on your sexual performance!

So, with all the good, let’s see what exactly SizeGenetics is all about:


The medically tested and proven device sizegenetics is a true value against all the low quality penis contraptions that always fail to come up to the consumer’s expectations.

Mentioned below are few of its impressive features that are more like a driving force for many of its potential buyers:

  • The tool is based on a 58-way ultimate comfort system. With this, the chances of slippage or discomfort drop to zero.
  • It includes 3M advanced comfort plasters that further ensure proper fitting and comfortable use. Indeed, when it comes to the comfort factor, this contraption has no comparison with any other tool available.
  • It has multi-directional angling headpiece (MDA) technology, through which, users can simply fit the contraption at whatever angle they feel comfortable.
  • It is a medical type 1 device with genuine medical certification.
  • During the wear, the contraption supplies 2800 grams of tension to your penile. In this regard, no other penis stretcher is close to SizeGenetics.


Through a high-quality, user friendly contraption like SizeGenetics, get ready to:

  1. A steady, yet a noticeable increase in penile length. The growth will continue with the regular usage of SizeGenetics.
  2. With SizeGenetics, you can also expect an increase in circumference as well.
  3. The stretcher further strengthens penis for harder penetrations.
  4. SizeGenetics is the perfect answer for penis curvature. Its usage can straighten up the bend without causing any pain or discomfort.
  5. SizeGenetics is a must buy for those in quest of a good erectile dysfunction treatment.


Well, considering all the facts about these two tried and tested contraptions, we can simply say SizeGenetics and Penomet are the kings of male enlargement market.

Each of these penis stretchers has the potential to alter your sexual life for good, or say, your attitude on life, completely.

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Penomet – Available Or Not At GNC, Amazon, Walmart

Retail in the modern day world is a very popular proposition. Consumers throng retail outlets in the lookout for a variety of different products.

This increase in the trend towards retail has meant that retail outlets are at an ever increasing high across the world. A lot of retail outlets have benefited because of this increased interest.

One such retail outlet which has witnessed a wave of commendable popularity is GNC.

Perhaps America’s biggest medical retail outlet, GNC is the perfect place to go to while you are on the lookout for different medical syrups, pills or equipment.

The reason behind GNC’s success has been none other than the fact that how well they have gained the trust of the consumers through well placed policies and products of extreme quality.

One ground breaking medical equipment that is doing rounds because of its versatility and effectiveness is Penomet.

Designed for people with a very selective set of needs, Penomet is a penis pump that comes with a lissome list of benefits.

Buy Penomet pump

Being medical equipment, people have visited GNC, Wall Mart and other online retailers looking for Penomet, but to their utmost sorrow, they have not really gotten hold of the pump.

The reason behind this is the fact that the original manufacturer wants you to buy the stock from the website of the product. The manufacturers have not yet dispatched the product to the different retailers, thus you may not find Penomet at different retail stores.

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So, if you want to buy Penomet GNC is not the best option for you!  To place an order, all you need to do is visit the official website of penomet itself. To be very honest, this is indeed nothing less than a blessing in disguise.

This is because the manufacturers offer you a lissome set of benefits with the purchase. The benefits are all set to aim as a motivating mechanism for all future customers to buy the product from them.


  • The manufacturers offer high discounts to whoever buys the product. The discounts are aimed at all customers because lowered price always motivates consumers. Furthermore the discounts are available on basically all of the different products being offered which creates a sense that the manufacturers are catering to all different consumers.
  • The manufacturers are offering a brilliant free delivery policy which will get you the product not only at your doorsteps but that too for free.
  • Products from official manufacturers will have no defect as the quality control is very strong.
  • A money back guarantee offered by the manufacturer on Penomet, means that if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it within the first 60 days of the purchase and get all of your money back.
  • Finally, the official manufacturers offer you a 3 year warranty which comes in handy in case of a fault or defect.

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Penomet uses a very new technology which has not really been advertised or promoted properly as of yet.

The penis pump works as a very spontaneous penis extender that can come in handy in various situations. Regardless of the age or sexual endeavors, penis pump is something that lures you over with its versatility.

Some of the benefits you will be enjoying just by using Penomet are:

  • A permanent and long lasting increase in the penis size and the diameter or girth. The pump has been tested for 2-3 years before its launch and one thing about it is that with constant use the changes that come are often permanent.
  • Due to the high amount of research that has been done in the product the product is believed to be very impressive in negating impotence. Impotence is something that all men fear and the Penomet not only prevents impotence but also decreases it in certain cases.
  • Penomet saves you from the hassles of a premature ejaculation or a decrease in stamina. The premature ejaculation is something that men don’t want, especially if it’s a diva on the receiving end. Penomet increases your sexual stamina as well which eventually makes you score more.
  • Besides the pleasure, Penomet also comes in handy in countering the effects of the dreaded peyronies disease. The disease can have lasting effects on the penis and the pump helps in countering it.
  • Finally, perhaps the greatest benefit is the sudden boost that it has on a man’s self confidence. Nothing helps in boosting up a man’s self confidence more than a healthy and strong penis. Furthermore a good time on the bed further builds confidence.

In conclusion it is pertinent to mention that Penomet is indeed a very handy product and buying it from the official manufacturer is the best alternative.

So, if you are thinking of buying Penomet GNC is not the place to go for you, as you should be heading to the webpage of the official manufacturer!

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