How to use a Penis Pump?

Men are suffering from erectile dysfunction before their age in many regions of the world.

In order to treat this issues, penis pumps have been designed to help them treat erectile dysfunction and to manage their size.

Penomet penis PumpsPenis pumps are free from injections and pills which is why they are considered as the safest form of treatment.

Before buying any penis pump you should first know about how many types of penis pumps are available in the market and most importantly how to use them.

There are three types of penis pumps available

  1. Manual pump
  2. Electrical pump
  3. Hydro Pump

Every penis pump works in the same way, but their intensity varies from one another.

Hydro Pump is the efficient and safe penis pump available these days since they solely work with water and the user may not have to worry about the batteries associated with the electrical pump.

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How to use the penis pump?

In order to master the skill of using penis pumps, first, you need to know how these pumps work.

This penis enlargement device works by creating a vacuum inside the glass cylinder tube which is covered around the penis.

In order to use penis pump with safety and to avoid any sort of penile injuries, you must follow these steps with caution.

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

Best Penis Pump in the market

Before buying the penis pump, make sure it has a pressure gauge which allows you to control the amount of pressure inside the tube accordingly.

how Penomet worksLook for the material, some penis pumps are made of raw plastics which can only be used twice or thrice after which their texture begins to dry up and no flexible.

The tube of penis pump should fit your penis

Buy any pump which fits your needs, some pumps can be used in the shower (hydro pump) which makes it further easier for you.

The hydro pumps are more liked and purchased since they involve having water in the cylinder while you are increasing pressure.

While there are so many penis enlargement pumps available in the market that user might get confused which one to buy.

In order to ease your decision, we would recommend the Penomet penis pump which is having the highest ranking and satisfied customers around the country.

What makes Penomet penis enlargement pump so unique, well let’s find out.

What is Penomet

Penomet is the penis pump which has provided multiple benefits to its user. After launching of Penomet penis pump you can imagine that the sales of another penis pump just stopped.

It is a hydro pump that offers with various interchangeable gaiter system which allows its user to increase pressure to enlarge your penis in the most comfortable way.

The Penomet penis pump was undergone for two years of real-life testing. The interchangeable gaiter system makes this pump more elusive and user-friendly.

Other penis pimps, when used for 15 minutes, took about 5-7 rounds for an effective display.

While with the Penomet pump user will notice the difference in his penis structure within 15 minutes of the first application.

Benefits of using Penis Pump

  • Strong and long lasting erections
  • Increase time of sexual intercourse
  • Reduce the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease
  • Reduce the chances of premature ejaculation
  • Frequent use results in long and thick penis size
  • Eliminate the toxins from the penile area

Penomet penis pump allows you to increase the size of your penis up to 3 inches in length and 30% increase in girth which is never offered by any other penis pump before.

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Final Summary

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are more prone to suffer from depression in later years of their lives.

Getting ashamed in front of your partner with no erection is undoubtedly an awkward situation.

These penis pumps you see these days are far way better choice than the penis enlargement pills which says welcome to unwanted side effects in many ways.

Penomet awards

Penis pump uses a specific type of mechanical force to enlarge your penis muscles so it is a side effect free choice.

Because it is an Award Winning Product

When you pump inside the tube it tends to decrease the air pressure and thus your penis muscles start swelling.

When these muscles swelled it will allow the penile tissues to get enlarged and also result in new cell generation.

When this pressure is applied to a particular set of times every day, the growth achievement can be everlasting.

Penomet has won various awards over the years and in 2013.

The Best New Male Enhancement Device 2013 and the high-status Venus Awards for the Best New Product 2013.

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The manufacturers are indeed proud of their product!

Using Penis pump is not so much difficult, the user must have a little bit of understanding about the application of pressure and that will do it.

Do not apply intense or overpressure to your penis muscle as chances of penile muscle injury will increase, which is not good for your sexual health.

How to make your Penis bigger?

We know that you are here because you want to have a better sex.

Gaining some extra inches to your penis size is all because you want to satisfy your partner because somehow she is not happy with your size.

how to make your penis bigger

Our sex lives should be active on a daily basis, which is why most American men who are having fun in their sexual intercourse are much happier than others.

Your sexual indulgence is also directly related to the confidence level you get afterward and that comes from an enormous and a bigger penis.

Some of us are trapped in a delusion that making a penis bigger to 12 inches is an overnight game.

The magic penis enlargement pills are everywhere spreading the same sort of misconception amongst men, which is why a lot of them have wasted their money and purchased a part of the scam they never saw working.

Except for the medications, there are some other ways, some exercise techniques which can help you make your penis bigger in a particular set of time.

Secret to make your penis bigger

Here we are not going to talk about all the nasty surgical procedures and male enhancement pills because they are unsafe for sure.

Using excessive male enhancement pills can cause erectile dysfunction in some men, which turns a havoc in later life.

There is very unique and easy way to get your dick bigger which comprises of some exercise which forces more blood into your penis.

Our body strives for pushing blood into penile area 24/7 but sometimes it is not achieved naturally so we have to do it the manual way which is easy as it sounds like.

Some quick fixes to make your penis bigger

There is some little piece of efforts, you can do to facilitate the natural process of penis growth. Or we should say some things to avoid while you are in it.

1. Trimming the extraneous hair

Your pubic hair can cover your size, so trimming them before having sex would be a wise choice. Plus it also makes an oral sex more pleasant.

2. Lose weight

People who have extra fat deposited in their thighs or pelvic area are more likely to have smaller penises because the fat covers up all the size.

The shaft of a penis is completely disappeared in their case.

3. Confidence is the key

If you are ashamed of your size and not fully prepared before sex, ultimately you will have no fun.

It’s all mental, those guys who think they have a normal size despite having a smaller one can end up with pleasure.

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Erection Boosting Activity

There are some specific sort of behavior you need to avoid if you want to boost your sexual stamina and erection.

Habits like smoking, porn, stressing should be out from the scene, pronto!

1. Exercising

Exercise brings sundry benefits to your health since it utilizes every muscle of your body, and it also gives you fullest erection.

Cardio exercises are really beneficial in this case, causing the maximum amount of blood rushing to the penis.

In this way, you will be able to stay longer in bed and boost your sexual stamina remarkably.

2. Stop Smoking

Smoking causes hindrance in the blood circulation which is an integral part of getting an erection.

Nicotine is quite an addictive substance, but you need to stop using it if you want a better sex life.

3. Stress makes your penis smaller

Your brain is responsible for the blood rush in the penile area, and a stressed brain cannot do it very well.

Meditation is the best cure for this or tries some CNS stimulants.

Penis Pump

Way better than the male enhancement pills through the penis pumps are the result of the latest technology which has made it easier for men to perform a different sort of exercise.

penomet penis pumpThere are numerous penis pumps available in the market but make sure you buy the right one.

In our view, Penomet would be the best choice which basically works on the expansion principle.

How do they work?

Well, it’s a simple method, every penis pump has a cylinder where your penis shaft goes and you generate a vacuum within that cylinder.

The vacuum causes the penis cells and tissues to expand and therefore in a very short time, this aggregation of bigger tissues will cause elongation of your penis.

The penis pump does not offer any harmful effects since it works on a perfect principle of expansion, not only to push the blood, but it also expands the tunica tissues of your penis which further results in new cell’s growth.

Use it with a cock ring if you are suffering from an erectile dysfunction.

Penomet penis pump can be available through their official web store which is very much easier to buy.

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Eating Healthy food makes your Penis bigger

Our medicine should be our food and our food should be our medicine. This is quite a creative and indeed the useful norm to follow.

Some essential food which will give your size a little boost is:

1. Bananas

The nutrients in bananas support cardiovascular health, giving you more proficient blood flow to your manhood when it’s time to satisfy your partner.

2. Pomegranates

This fruit is a rock solid food if you want solid erections.

Not only do pomegranates support healthy blood flow by aiding in the production of nitric oxide, but they also boost testosterone levels in the body.

As we all know, testosterone is the primary factor in creating men’s features and libido.

3. Dark Chocolate

This food aids in blood vessel dilation. A recent study has suggested that eating 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate a day resulted in a 10% increase in blood vessel dilation.

Final Verdict

As you can see, making your penis bigger is not so much hard as it sounds like.

A decade ago, there were some flaws in some medications which is why so many men were suffering from harmful conditions due to the overdose of pills.

With new scientific innovations now you don’t have to solely rely on the medications, penis pumps are the next big thing.

As far as other factor concerns, eat healthy food, take proper sleep, no stress and Voila! You are good to go!

Bigger penis satisfies your partner more than you can imagine. Do not miss the chance while you still can.