The truth about 5 Inch Penis!

Men these days are in agonizing pain due to the small size of their penis.

Everybody has got their own opinion about penis size, some women prefer a bigger size penis while majority prefers thicker with normal length.

The average penis size around different areas of the world is 5-6 inches when erect.

The size of your penis varies greatly depending on which region you are from.

For example, in Asian countries, men have a slightly smaller penis than those who live in western countries.

The debate of their physiology and other factors can lead us to many scientific facts which we don’t want to talk about yet.

What defines the average penis size? Many sex experts believed that “it’s not about the size, but how you use it”.

An average penis of 5 inches size is well enough to induce proper satisfaction in females.

There are different groups of people in terms of taking penis size seriously and there are also people with a mindset to whom this thing doesn’t even matter.

What to do when you have a 5-inch penis?

Many people I know believe in the fact that men with below average penis size should date women who can take their load sufficiently.

Let me put it in a much simpler way, if you have a penis of 5 inches or below it then you should start dating slender and petite chicks.

Another thing, it is never about the penis size, but how you stimulate women in your own particular way.

Some men are unable to satisfy women in spite of having a large cock but they lack the most basic thing which is Sexual Intimacy.

A woman can be seduced by many ways, oral, clitoral, anal stimulations are some of the basic aspects. If you have a smaller dick, but you have a zeal for confidence level, I bet you will find a way to pop her cherry.

Sex Education is something majority of men needs these days, which tells us about the basic facts which we do now know of in sex.

Now, after getting engaged with your partner and once you have achieved her trust, it is time for you to do some slight modifications in your penis size.

I am not telling you to enlarge it at any cost, but doing some kegel exercise won’t harm you anyway.

How to enlarge penis size without Supplements!

Science has reached quite far these days and we have plenty of options to enlarge our penis size.

But let’s not talk about supplementation and penis enlargement pills which shows very little positive results.

No, we are not going to talk about any diet modification either, but just the natural ways which mainly includes exercise technique.

Some of the unique ways to enhance your dick few inches is to get your hands on Penis Pumps. They are a mechanical device which delivers you the effects you get from doing penis exercise such as jelqing.

Science backup this kind of techniques to enhance the penis since they do not offer a single side or harmful effect.

Well, even there are varieties in the penis pump category. Some are useful while some are scam products just to earn an illegal amount of money.

My purpose of writing this article is not only educating you about adopting ideal sexual behaviors but also to prescribe the right kind of penis pump to everyone who has a penis size below 5 inches.

You can try Penomet or Bathmate HydroMax which have a unique mode of action which reaches down to your penile tissues and enlarge them for permanent basis.

Jelqing technique can also serve as a very useful hand side by side.

Women don’t demand Large Penis

Like every man doesn’t desire for massive breast, huge ass or very tight vagina, the same case it with women.

They don’t want a bigger cock only in a male personality, but other traits as well.

The 5-inch penis can satisfy a woman same as 8-inch penis, all you need is a right position and push.

Men who think they have a smaller size penis gets depressed on a daily basis, which also affects their overall life goals.

Learning how to manage your size and proper use of it can be pretty much helpful in keeping your life stable and happy.

Sex with an average size penis (5 inches) sometimes can be problematic, especially if you are with someone who prefers longer and thicker.

But here is the solution!

Learn EVERYTHING you could about your partner stimulation: anal, oral, clitoral, breast stimulation, sex positions, and even learn how to write seductively, how to communicate better, have better conversations, talking during sex, and learning to listen to her body.

My Experience with 5 Inch Penis!

I used to have 4.7-inch size penis and I swear I didn’t face any problems in having sex at all, neither did she.

Just to enhance the presentation skills I used Penomet pump for some weeks and now its 5 inches.

Some users reported excessive penis enlargement with Bathmate Hydropump which utilized water pressure to enlarge your dick size.

Its okay if you are not interested in enlarging your penis, you can still bang her with intensity.

Just make sure you get inside every inch you have got till it reaches to the clitoris.

Another advice is to compensate your penis size is to finger your partner before sex that will and open up her muscles what’d make it easier for you to insert without hesitation.


Never be ashamed of your penis size, females like confident men more than men with a large penis.

DO NOT use medical supplements to enlarge your penis size.

Yes, Penis pump like Penomet or Bathmate can help you gain size all by natural means so I must suggest them.

Learn about your partner before taking her to bed, her likes and dislikes, what makes her stimulated and what not!

These things will help you perform better in sex and let her forget about your size.