Top 3 Penis Pump That Work for Men in 2019 – Enhance Male

Penis pumps have grown in popularity and because of which they are titled as the best male enhancement products in 2018.

A bigger and harder penis has its own advantages, besides satisfying your partner, you start to attract other women who want a sexually stronger man.

During sex, the size of your penis plays a major role so its size must be more than satisfactory.

But not every man is gifted with a large penis, some men experience sexual problems in which small or micro-penis come on top.

With a small penis, it is very much difficult for you to take it all inside and give her the pleasure she wants.

That is where penis enlargement pills, creams, gels, and pumps pop in.

  1. Penomet
  2. Bathmate
  3. X4labs

The knowledge about human sexuality and its main organs led us to the innovations which can help us deliver the best kind of sex.

There are sundry ways to enhance the penis size, but let us show you the safest, effective and most affordable way.

What Are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are a mechanical device which increases the size of your penis by means of traction method.

According to the latest studies regarding male enhancement technique, traction method is the most endorsed one because it delivers the effects that stay for a longer period of time and also it’s completely safe.

Usually, penis pumps are given to men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction means they cannot achieve an erection no matter what they do.

That makes their sexual lives hard and personal lives, even much harder.

No woman should even tolerate a man with no or low sexual stamina and energy for which lots of men go to the penile surgery, a costly, dangerous and painful method which infuse fat cells into your penis to make it look big.

On the other hand, a penis pump is like stretching your penis with your hands only you are letting the device work for you.

How to Choose Penis Pump

There are many ways to choose the best budget penis pumps that suits your exact needs.

But we are much inclined to what experts say and they have indicated some basic features which you must see in a penis pump before you buy.

That might save you some money and also give you a reliable and effective one.

1. Efficiency

You always want to spend your money on something that actually works.

The best way to find out if the penis pump you’re buying actually works is by looking at the customer reviews.

People who have used it before will provide you much of a better insight into the product and its effectiveness.

2. Material

You wear a penis pump for a long period of time, so it shouldn’t be made of a material which can harm your skin in any way.

Buy a premium grade penis pump which is made from materials like silicone, resin or polyurethane.

3. Scientific Study

Another thing to find the effectiveness of penis pumps is by checking scientific data available about it.

Advanced penis pump manufacturers like Penomet has every piece of information you need to know before using penis pumps which helps a lot of people to clear their mind about what they exactly do.

4. Size

Some penis pumps come with a narrow or small void space where you put your penis before wearing it.

If you are someone with a fat cock or using it for exercise purposes, make sure the chamber will fit your size.

5. Stability

Stability defines the physical trait of a device after it is being used with roughness.

Some penis pumps breaks after wearing it for so long or their chamber becomes loose. Make sure you’re buying a tough and durable gadget.

6. Appearance

By looking, penis pumps look like a complicated device which not every man knows about.

It would be folly to judge a penis pump from its appearance since they all approximately looks the same.

The difference lies in their material, robustness, and effects. Do not go for the exterior.

7. Price

If it works and is economical for you, we suggest you buy it right away.

Price matters to everyone because in our daily life we got other things too besides measuring our dicks, so choosing a penis pump that really works will be of many prices which not every man can afford.

Do Penis Pumps Actually Work?

The main reason for erectile dysfunction or micro-penis is a poor blood supply to the penile muscles.

Lack of blood supply keeps the area shrunk and inactive, which looks flaccid all the time.

When you start using penis pump the traction method increase the flow of blood to the penile region, especially to corpus cavernosum which is a sort of erectile tissue.

When the blood flow gets improved to the penis, it eventually regains its tendency to become hard again.

Not just hard, but now your penis should be totally functional when it comes to energy level and delayed timing stamina.

Kegel exercise is also a penis enlargement technique which can be combined with penis pump for many enhanced and improved results.

Types of Penis Pumps

Based on the generation of vacuum, penis pumps are of 3 different types.

  1. Manual Pumps: Where the vacuum is generated manually through squeezing.
  2. Electric Pumps: Pumps working on a battery, electric pumps are relatively expensive, but they can be used by the physically unfit person with so much ease.
  3. Water-Based or Hydro Pumps: Water pumps are considered most effective penis enlargers; they use water as a source to create a vacuum which is also the safest way. There are options provided for the different level of pressures and is much more durable than the others.

Most penis pump systems include a penis ring or constriction ring that you wear at the base of your penis.

Learn how to use a penis pump in order to enlarge your penis safely and fast.

Best Penis Pumps in 2018 That Work

1. Penomet

Penomet is an award-winning water based pump which is designed to increase the length and girth of your penis.

penomet penis pump

The pump has been available online since 2011 where it was endorsed by many doctors who have patients with a small penis.

Penomet was compared with so many penis pumps, but the results always go to the penomet court.

The design, material, durability, and effects are just splendid. read Penomet review here

The penomet manufacturer also provides 60-days money back guarantee and also a bunch of scientific evidence they gathered on their product.

Men with the thin penis can take maximum benefits from Penomet since it enhances the girth of the penis more pronounced than the length.


  • Effective results
  • 1-2 inches gain in 2 months
  • Increase length and girth of the penis
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Available in different gaiters (chambers)
  • Easy to use
  • No skin reaction
  • Offers money back guarantee


  • Penomet is not recommended for micropenis syndrome
  • Available at the online shop only

Final Verdict – Should You Buy it?

Water-based pumps are relatively much safer and comfortable, which is why the maker of Penomet doesn’t really give any serious notes or instruction about the pump.

Click Here to Visit Official website of Penomet for purchase and orders.

Penomet is purchased by men from different areas of the world and about 90% of them are quite satisfied with the result.

Penomet due to its safety and effectiveness is on the top of the list.

2. Bathmate

Bathmate is a product from Hydromax Series, which has introduced some of the most prestigious penis pumps.

Bathmate penis pump

It’s a water based pump which gives you an extra benefit of using it during the shower, the pressure is exerted to the penis which results in an increase the length and girth of a penis.

Bathmate can be used on erect and flaccid penis so the user doesn’t have to prepare him for the required situation.

The customer reviews about Bathmate shows us that within a good price range it is a safe and effective form of penis enlargement therapy which promises convenience in every step.


  • Treat Erectile Dysfunction effectively
  • Increase penis size
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Maximum satisfaction
  • Safer penis pump


  • The pump is rumored to induce pain and soreness on the first attempts
  • You can only use it while taking a bath
  • No money back guarantee

Final Verdict – Should You Buy it?

For a guy who wants to keep wearing his penis pump, Bathmate doesn’t look like an ideal choice.

Although the penis pump promises satisfactory size and sexual pleasure along with other benefits we are not the judge, customers are!

Unless you are okay with using this device during the bath, Bathmate can be a useful penis enhancement method.

See Bathmate Vs Penomet to learn which penis pump works best for men around the world.

3. X4Labs

X4Labs Extender is a popular penis pump which is basically famous for its material.

Plastic and rubber make it quite easier to use while it works by increasing blood circulation to the penis.

When the blood is continuously supplied to the penis it leads to stretch the smooth muscles and increases their size.

X4Labs can be worn any time of the day and it doesn’t put too much pressure on your penis which sometimes causes penis fracture.

The penis pump is also beneficial for those men who have readily sensitive skin and who wants a bigger, harder, longer and stronger penis.

The device comes with a very good price range and a lubricant as a free sample, just to make sure you have a good time.


  • A medically approved treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Easy and safe
  • You can also buy the replacement parts if any of it is damaged or lost
  • Comfortable than many penis pumps
  • Results appear within a month
  • Offers money back guarantee
  • X4Labs conduct clinical trials where you can participate for free


  • Some users call it expensive, the price is $39.90

Final Verdict – Should You Buy it?

When it comes to penis pumps, the majority of people go to the options which are comfortable.

X4Labs breaks all the records in term of comfort than any penis pump can provide, plus it treats ED by all medical means.

For the effective results, the user must wear it 1-2 hours daily.

Nevertheless, customers of X4Labs are living sexually active lives which were never the same before.

Visit official website of X4 Labs for more detailed reviews and results.

Summarizing Best Penis Pumps of 2018

There is nothing scarier for a man than having a small penis which cannot get hard due to erectile dysfunction.

buy penomet

We live in a society now where sex plays a major role to define any relationship.

Men have always been dominant when it comes to sex, but when this ego starts to fade away, know you are not doing it right.

Penis enhancers, penis enlargement devices, and penis pumps are far much safer than pills, creams, and gels which harm your body system in multiple ways.

The best penis pump according to our judgments based on efficacy and customer safety is Penomet which is by far the best kind of penis pump you can get online.

You can see real penomet before and after results from many customers around the Globe.

HydroMax Series, on the other hand, has some remarkable and modern penis pumps available which also works.

This will only be the one-time investment which can surely bring positive change in you.

Change in sexual behavior leads to change in many aspects of men’s life which only a man with large cock understands.